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Nick Trout wrote:
> Most of the discussion about changing Lua seems to be to do with programming
> style or aesthetics which to me seems a pretty weak argument for altering a
> language. If you dont like the language, use another one! There are hundreds
> of languages out there [...]

Hmm... without people changing existing languages to make it (in their
opinion) a better language you wouldn't have hundreds of them.  There
would be no Scheme or C or ...

And, the selection of one's favorite languages is only partially defined
by functionality.  A big aspect is style and aesthetics.  Especially in
a small language like Lua that is targeted at embedding I see no problem
if someone modifies it to better suit his taste or environment.  It
becomes part of the application and I think most time it simply does not
matter if it is no longer compatible to the official language.  Of course,
you can keep it a secret and don't tell anyone.  But IMHO it's much better
to share your ideas/work.

Ciao, ET.