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> I think that Lua is a fantastic language, but its syntax is sometimes
> too verbose for people (like me!) who would like to use it for
> one-shot programs, not only for "serious stuff" or for (there's a lot
> of irony here, of course) programs that have to be maintainable by
> non-programmers later. I guess that one of the main reasons to keep it
> so simple is to make it easier to construct metaprogramming tools, but
> these aren't ready yet...


Your statement goes against everything I believed about part-time programmers
(without the <IRONY> tags, of course).

They usually like verbose languages, like Javascript, and don't want to
go deep in logical constructions or sintax black magic. 

Now, about "programs maintainable by non-programmers"... is it possible?
All the cases I know ended with lots of useless patchworked code and a
caffeine-induced programmer working all night long to fix the mess. 


Carlos Cardoso

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