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amianduri is pleased to announce a maintenance release of Stella, a Lua
development environment for Mac OS. Stella is not a command-line based tool.
Scripts are edited in windows. Output goes to a separate output window.
Input is handled with a special input dialog. Stella also provides syntax
coloring and a QuickScript window for executing quick commands.

This new version of Stella fixes the following bugs:

* When the Output Window is hidden, the menu now says "Show Output" instead
of "Show Input".

* Strings delimited by ' (plicks) are now colored correctly.

* When dragging to hilite, the horizontal scrollbar should now update

* Strings with escaped quotes (e.g.  "string: \"My String!\"".) should color

* print(read()) should now work correctly.

* print(read"*l") should now work correctly.

* The input window now acts as if it is getting one line of input. Hitting
OK returns to Lua that contents of the input field and a newline. Hitting
the cancel button returns an EOF to Lua.

Stella can be found at:

Please send any comments to:

Thank you.