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What is the best way / library to use Lua with C++?

I want (in the perfect case) to do the following:

	Call Lua functions from C++ code.

	Call C++ functions and functions members from Lua.

	Use C++ Classes from Lua, almost transparently.

	Instance a C++ class in Lua.

	Use a C++ instance from Lua (access the data / call methods).

	Pass a C++ instance to a C++ function/f. member function from Lua.

	Derive C++ classes in Lua (and i can define new virtual functions in lua).

	Derive Lua "classes" in C++ ??

	Access Lua data from C++.

	Access Lua data from C++ with STL.

	Access LOCAL variables of a C++ function from a lua code called in that function.

There is some library that i can use to do this?, which "features"
that i have listed are present and which not?

BTW: Can i define some "collections of variables" in lua, and then.. return to C
code, and call another lua function that can access that collection of variables 
(variables and other lua functions).

(im very very very new to Lua).

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