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> Maybe the Lua developers would have some tips?

My company has ported Lua to PalmOS too, we have an almost ready version
of it that we are going to make available for download soon.

Some useful tips would be:

- You should increase the size of the stack or Lua will crash when it
  reports compilation errors. Palm stack is really very limited;

- You can't use the StrVPrintF function, because Lua needs more advanced
  formats then %s and %u;

- There is some trouble with the character comparison functions and the
  new PalmOSGlueLibrary;

- Changing some constants in llimits.h would reduce memory needs;

- Floating point manipulation and formatting will give you some headaches;

- Be careful with the longjump/setjump implementation, in our first
  release it compiled perfectly, but it didn't work.

Anyway, I can say that once it's done, it works very well. And if you use
PalmOS 3.5 then you'll see that memory limitations are not that much


Renato Crivano
CTO - Hands Mobile Solutions
Tel +55 21 223-3399
Fax +55 21 223-3370