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On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 11:32:38PM -0800, Russell Y. Webb wrote:
> FtrPtrNew allocates arbitrary sized memory chunks from the storage heap.
> There's also a lower level allocation from the Storage heap that has nothing
> to do with features and can allocate >64k (can't recall it's name, something
> like MemNewChunk).  So you could allocate say 4Megs and then sub-allocate
> from that.
> Of course you still have to use DmWrite to write to the memory.  Seems like
> the Lua source would have to be extensively modified to fix that (perhaps

I don't think I want to do all that work. :) 

I would like to keep it simple and possibly change a few of Lua's default settings, like lowering the number of default stack "positions", having the gc run more frequently to reclaim memory, etc...

Maybe the Lua developers would have some tips?