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I hacked a version of Lua to run on PalmOS.

In short
* used latest gcc tools
* compiled with PalmOS v2 SDK
* running on PalmOS 3.1 (that's all I have), should run on PalmOS 2!
* followed LTN 2 for a minimal version
* rewrote Lua's generic memory allocator
  - used memory handles so memory is not allocated in the limited dynamic heap
  - memory allocation is the most difficult issue of this port. Different
    versions of PalmOS have different limitations. 
  - different strategies could be used to support each version
* commented a few calls to unsupported functions (fgetc, etc...)
* test app(very limited) and Lua compiled as single executable.
~33K prc.
* am able to register a C function and call it from lua, manipulate global
variables (and opening and closing of Lua states of course)

Not sure where I will go with this, a stable port maybe? Comments?