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Thanks, that already helped alot, but let me try to explain it by example.
I've got this function, which is callable from Lua and registers some other
callable functions:

 static int Lua_ImportSystem(lua_State *p_pCLuaState) {
   int         l_nArguments;

   l_nArguments = lua_gettop(p_pCLuaState);           // number of arguments
   if(l_nArguments == 0) {
     lua_register(p_pCLuaState, "SetGraphicsDriver",    Lua_SetGraphicsDriver);

     lua_register(p_pCLuaState, "SetGraphicsMode",      Lua_SetGraphicsMode);
     lua_register(p_pCLuaState, "Bind",                 Lua_Bind);
     lua_register(p_pCLuaState, "RegisterResourcePath",
     lua_register(p_pCLuaState, "LoadWorld",            Lua_LoadWorld);
   } else {
     LogError("Lua::LoadWorld() - Error: Expected 0 arguments, got %i",
   lua_pop(p_pCLuaState, l_nArguments);

   return 0;

so I could execute this code

   pCLuaState = lua_open(LUA_MINSTACK);
   lua_register(m_pCLuaState, "ImportSystem" Lua_ImportSystem);


I thought the first call to ImportSystem() while the script runs could register
the functions the are used below.