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Wanting to play a bit with Lua 4.0, and still waiting for official Windows
binaries, I decided to make my own. I don't have gcc, I "just" have MSVC6

There is no such thing as "official binaries" of Lua - only unofficial
ones... It is rather simple to create Lua binaries with VC6 (or 5) ... Just
put all the .C and .H into a target and compile... There are no switches
that *needs* to be in any special way to make Lua work... Lua is __really__
ansi c (Rare these days) and compiles on almost all known ansi c compilers
without warnings etc...

I have just created a vc6 project with lua, luac, base lua as lib and
libraries as a seperate lib... Only in debug versions, it can be found on
the ftp server

Please be aware that this is not "official" in any way. Use it as a guide to
build Lua.