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I have VC6 projects set up for a static version of the libs if you're
interested. I haven't bothered with DLL's at the moment.

CG> Two Questions/Problems:

CG>         1.  Creating the Standard Library (lauxlib.c lbaselib.c ldblib.c liolib.c
CG> lmathlib.c lstrlib.c) as a DLL under MSVC 6 causes a linking errors "*.obj :
CG> error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _lua_*" where "*" varies.
CG> Searching all files for "_lua_" returns no results.  I'm assuming that
CG> because I am making a DLL that the pre-appending "_" is done by MSVC.
CG>         Which would mean that the Standard Library depends on the Core Library,
CG> right?  If so, why isn't this stated in \Install?

CG>         2.  Has any one figured out how to serialize an entire Lua State from
CG> C/C++?  I've seen a lot of examples on how to save (only) variables to disk,
CG> but I need to save functions too.

CG> Thanks Everyone,
CG> Charlie Goff (

CG> /* MFC has taken over your project. Your code is now bloated. Your code is
CG> now unportable.  And you will never make it past CWinApp.  Please do not
CG> contact Microsoft Support.  We are busy creating new buggy and bloated
CG> things to f$%k with your head. */