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Two Questions/Problems:

	1.  Creating the Standard Library (lauxlib.c lbaselib.c ldblib.c liolib.c
lmathlib.c lstrlib.c) as a DLL under MSVC 6 causes a linking errors "*.obj :
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _lua_*" where "*" varies.
Searching all files for "_lua_" returns no results.  I'm assuming that
because I am making a DLL that the pre-appending "_" is done by MSVC.
	Which would mean that the Standard Library depends on the Core Library,
right?  If so, why isn't this stated in \Install?

	2.  Has any one figured out how to serialize an entire Lua State from
C/C++?  I've seen a lot of examples on how to save (only) variables to disk,
but I need to save functions too.

Thanks Everyone,
Charlie Goff (

/* MFC has taken over your project. Your code is now bloated. Your code is
now unportable.  And you will never make it past CWinApp.  Please do not
contact Microsoft Support.  We are busy creating new buggy and bloated
things to f$%k with your head. */