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>Thanks Phillipe.  Unfortunately, the last link does
>not seem to be working.
>Just to clarify.  I meant the link to your
>binaries Phillipe.

Thanks for your interest. It is working, at least for me, today. Now, perhaps 
you tried to use an automated downloader. Unfortunately, ProHosting has a 
policy to display a download page for each link to a binary file, so they can 
display an ad :-(.
I wonder how it reacts if I link to a download Perl script...
Well, at least PH offers me Perl scripting, even if I don't use this 
capability yet. And it have a better Perl library than Virtual Avenue, which 
have the same policy anyway. Aw, I suppose they have to earn some money to pay 
the servers...

Wolfgang Lipp wrote:

>I'm sure everybody here is aware of the zeus editor for windows, to be found
>at It doesn't
>only support Lua hiliting, it has Lua as one of its integrated scripting
>languages. It does not support folding,
>and the interface looks like it still needs some work at places, but it
>appears otherwise to be pretty capable. Check it out. A pity it isn't

Well, Zeus is surely an excellent editor. SciTE have at least two advantages 
over it: it is free, and open-source. It is still rough on the interface side, 
since it is primarily a demo container for the Scintilla text editor 
component, but we are working to improve it ;-)
Another advantage: it works on Win32 and GTK+ platforms (and wxWindows too, I 
think). And it does a decent folding, supports tooltips and auto-completion, 
etc. And it will support Lua 4.0, if I work hard enough ;-)
Well, I mainly mentioned it because, unlike Zeus, it wasn't mentioned in the 
"Projects using Lua" page (
Anyway, text editors are a very subjective topic: everybody like his, once you 
have found one fitting your needs, habits, likes and dislikes, etc. It is 
mainly a matter of taste. But you can always change if you find a better one, 
that's why a link to a new editor is always welcome :-)

PS.: I have took a deeper look at the Zeus site. I like the links to useful 
(and mostly free) tools and fonts. I also like the fact they publish the 
script interface.
I like less the price :-(, even more costly than UltraEdit (which I don't like 
much). Less costly than Slick Edit, though!
Anyway, if I use a lot the keyboard on my editor, I also use a lot the mouse 
(double-click, drag'n'drop, etc.). So as they say, it is not an editor for me 

Thomas Praxl wrote:

>Subject: Re: Lua-Website

>I found a nice wiki-implementation: swiki. The only inconvenient thing is
>that everyone, who wants to edit it, has to SignUp once.
>But this swiki gives us more security than most of the others do.
>For each topic there´s a history. So if anyone deletes a topic or destroys
>it, you can look at the older versions. And there is the possibility to
>"roll back" a topic -> this restores an older version.
>Swiki has pretty easy syntax and is able to interpret html.


>Since I´m out of time, the link to swiki is still missing. But I added one
>in the introducing text.

I like your idea of a Lua developper site. I am not a big fan of frames, but I 
can live with them, and I understand their interest since you want to 
integrate external services (BBS, Wiki Wiki) into your site. I didn't knew 
there were Wiki Wiki hosters, BTW.
The design is nice...
I would suggest to choose another title for the page. Something like "The Lua 
developer site", for example. Don't forget that the title is what is used when 
you create a bookmark (at least in IE). You don't want to make any confusion 
with the TecGraf site, of course.
Perhaps a better choice for the site would have been to open an account on a 
hoster supporting Perl scripting (or PHP). They are a number of good free BBS 
(Discus or YaBB, for example), and probably good Wiki Wikis too.
But I understand it is much more work, and I know it is always a rare resource 
among us...

PS.: I have took a look at this Swiki site, it is nice and well done. I like 
the capability to make links with spaces. Tradionnal Wiki Wikis are more 
restricted, using only names like LuaWeb to automatically generate links.
Sorry Thomas, I have done some "noise" in the history of the main page, as I 
played to try and put a link on the main logo. I have finally gave up and left 
the page untouched...


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist