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A couple of things here. I remember a few weeks back there was some active
discussion about implementing coroutines in Lua. The topic sort of died
down. I was curious how people have fared with this, and if anyone has any
code to do it that they'd like to share. :)

Also, I noticed on the Lua website that there are a fair number of logo's.
Unfortunately due to the way they're designed they don't look so good unless
they're on a white background. Has anyone ever created one of those "button"
link type things, with say the 32x32 logo and some "Lua Now!" text or
something? I made one but it looks pretty bad, since I'm no artist. I was
also wondering if anyone had ever made (or seen) one of those that's freely
usable. I wouldn't want to do the Lua team a disservice by using such a bad
logo to link back to their site.