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At 09:26 23/11/00 -0500, Philippe wrote:

>Wanting to play a bit with Lua 4.0, and still waiting for official Windows 
>binaries, I decided to make my own. I don't have gcc, I "just" have MSVC6 (or 
>5), so I had to make my own makefiles.
>I looked the way the 3.2 official Win32 binaries were made, and tried to stay 
>as closely as possible to them.
>More details about this at the Web page I have setup for this:
>I have tested only the Lua.exe with the test suite, it seems OK. If there is 
>any problem with my distribution, please contact me.
>BTW, I have tested all the non-interactive scripts with SciTE, a text editor 
>supporting Lua syntax highlighting and script running (it capture the 
>results). It also have an experimental Lua scripting extension, but it is not 
>yet integrated to the official release (it is only in the CVS). I didn't tried 
>it yet, but it won't be long now...
>Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
>Professional programmer and amateur artist

Thanks Phillipe.  Unfortunately, the last link does
not seem to be working.

Regards sns