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John Belmonte wrote:
>I recommend, instead of a discussion board, to set up a wiki server for the
>Lua community.  Wiki is a system for HTML collaboration.  (There are dozens
>of implementations to choose from, and it would be nice project for someone
>to write an implementation in Lua.)  It allows anyone to edit any page on
>the server, using an easier-than-HTML syntax.  It's more suited to
>collecting knowledge in "book form" than having discussions, which should
>remain on a mailing list or newsgroup.

Excellent idea!
I have some interest in the WikiWiki system, and find it quite fascinating.
Need a little cleanup from time to time though, as a newbie can accidentally 
delete important informations, or somebody malevolent can do this on purpose. 
There is a fallback for this kind of problem, but of course, it must be 
repaired manually.

Does anybody know if there is a free webhosting service (like ProHosting or 
Virtual Avenue) offering Lua scripting capability? Or tolerant enough to 
accept installing it? It would be interesting to play with cgilua. I can do 
that on my local site, but it would be frustrating not to use it for real.

Reuben Thomas wrote:
>Fortunately, my coding didn't seem to be too badly affected; my POSIX regexp
>library seems to work nicely.

I hope you will release it as Open Source or freeware. Stop! I just checked 
your site again, here they are! Thank you.
Stop again! I have downloaded the file (, and found an Epoc executable 
and the Lua 4.0 reference manual... Obviously a copy/paste error, I hope you 
will correct this... Thank you again.

Actually, even though I am a Lua newbie (I have read the 3.2 manual some 
months ago, but I didn't wrote a line since... Lack of time, and perhaps fear 
of tags...), I would like to write a HTML pre-processor in Lua. Yes, yet 
another one, there a ton of them written in C or Perl (and even one written in 
Rexx), but none, of course, meet all my requirements. Plus it would be fun to 
do, and very formative!
So I believe your RegEx library will be quite useful here...

BTW, I have read the "How do I write a C function to be called from Lua?" 
answer in the Lua FAQ, but it answer only partly to the question, at least in 
Win32. So I will formulate it in a different way: How can a standard Lua 
program (ie. using the base Lua.exe) calls add-on functions put in a Windows 
DLL (made specifically for that, of course)? Is it possible at all? Or must I 
have to make a wrapper exe loading the Lua DLLs?
I other words, how do your libraries work? Should we put them in the Lua 
project, integrate them to a C program embedding the Lua code, or something 


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist