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I was wondering...I am using using tables to model objects in a C++ like
manner. A table would have  attributes and methods, similar to a C++
class. If the program creates hundreds or thousands of these objects
each object would have its own instance of the same functions.

A = function(t) -- constructor A
	t.getName = function(self) return end
	return t

list = {}
for i=1,1000 do
	tinsert(list, A{name=i})

In list I have 1000 A objects, each one has its own instance of

FUNC = function(self) return end

A = function(t)
	t.getName = FUNC
	return t

Above each object's getName() is holding a reference to the function
FUNC. Only one instance of the function exists. This could potentially
save you plenty of memory.

I have to admit, this wasn't entirely clear to me at first. Just thought
other young budding Lua programmers could benefit from this.