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We've done this exact change ourselves and have had no adverse effects (I'm
sure many people on this list have made this change).  lmem.c has some very
convenient defines at the top of the file to accomodate this change.

Since our game is written in c++, we had to change lmem.c to lmem.cpp, which
ended up needing some compiling trickery to work properly.  If you need to
do this, let me know.


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From: Jim Mathies []
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 2:44 PM
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Subject: memory allocation


I have a question about the memory allocation in
lmem.c.  Is it acceptable to replace malloc, realloc
and free with custom handlers?  Also, if the custom 
handlers include features like debug byte padding
surrounding allocated blocks, will Lua handle this

Jim Mathies

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