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Ignacio Castano wrote:

> Sean Middleditch:
> > > in my experience, lua has been much easier to learn for non-programmers (in my case game
> designers)
> >
> > Really?  I thought the Python syntax was a bit nicer, especially for classes... IMHO.
> well, that's what they have said. Take in mind that they don't have any programming background and
> that the classes they use have been previously designed by programmers, they only deal with the
> objects... in our case entities.

Hmm?  I meant that I thought the Python syntax was nicer, from experience in both Lua and Python
I have (I admit, I've a hell of a lot more Python experience, but I was using Lua for about 6 months
before even touching Python, mind you).

Sean Middleditch

> Ignacio Castano