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We chose Lua (over Python mainly, but also others) because it's fast and
has a small footprint.  The other team in our company is using Python,
so we can easily compare the two languages.

Having gained some experience (about 2 months of implementation work so 
far) I'm glad we chose lua: it's still fast and small, and I really 
like how clean it is (especially when it comes to embedding it into
an existing application).  But there are a few downsides:  lack of 
text documentation (Python has a bunch of O'Reilly books), almost 
non-existant documentation within the code itself (again, compared 
to Python - which has at least 1 comment per function, plus a really 
long comment per file describing the purpose of the file) and lack of 
examples (especially examples of how to embed the code in an application).

Knowing all the above, I would still choose lua over Python for our

Falko Poiker
Homeworld Team
Relic Entertainment Inc.

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From: Brandon Van Every []
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 12:23 AM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: game developers?

I'm aware from the Lua projects pages that several game developers, both
hobbyist and professional, have used Lua as the game engine's embedded
language.  I am wondering what drove your decision to use Lua instead of
embeddable scripting languages?  Most notably Python, as in my brief survey
what's available that seems like a good candidate.  Anyways, tell me what
overriding concerns were, and also what they are now, having gained
with Lua.

Cheers,                              3d graphics optimization jock
Brandon Van Every                    Seattle, WA

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complex ones, thereby achieving a higher degree of stupidity.  :-)