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For me It was becouse it's really fast, small, and virtually OO. That means
that I can export all my class into Lua and everything will work the same
there as In my C++ code. This brings great things to designers (script
programmers that is, under designer supervision). In our current game the
designers will be able to change virtually anything from within the script.
Sure some things will be hidden (and not exported into Lua) but that's
obvious. Oh plus Lua can pre-compile or compile at run-time too, that's a
really big plus. I don't know much about phyton except that It did looked
non-flexibile, too big, for me to acctaully use it, a total opposite to Lua.
Another great language is EiC, similar to Lua, though in C language, where
Lua is a bit like pascal.

Ales Mlakar
Night Interactive, Inc.

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From: Brandon Van Every <>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 9:26 AM
Subject: game developers?

> I'm aware from the Lua projects pages that several game developers, both
> hobbyist and professional, have used Lua as the game engine's embedded
> language.  I am wondering what drove your decision to use Lua instead of
> embeddable scripting languages?  Most notably Python, as in my brief
survey of
> what's available that seems like a good candidate.  Anyways, tell me what
> overriding concerns were, and also what they are now, having gained
> with Lua.
> Cheers,                              3d graphics optimization jock
> Brandon Van Every                    Seattle, WA
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> complex ones, thereby achieving a higher degree of stupidity.  :-)