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> <snip>
> >>--------------------------------
> >>$debug
> >>
> >>myFunc = function ()
> >>  Test = {}
> >>  function Test:init() end
> >>end
> >>--------------------------------
> <snip>
> >Personally I think the code [above] is sensible and clean --- it would be
> >nice if the language would allow it.
> I'm curious:  How could you consider declaring and calling a function, all
> in the middle of the declaration of another function, clean and sensible?

Well, on closer inspection the code above is a little too bare to give
enough context, but I can see how the above code snippet could be
incorporated into defining a local object class using the same syntax that
is used for global classes and in that sense it make sense and might be
cleanest (by that I mean, having a consistant coding style) way to
implement local objects of a type that are not needed outside of one
function.  Certainly not anything that you couldn't work around, but not 
something that needs to fail either.