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>From  Tue Jul 11 10:38:31 2000
>From: "Mauro Vezzosi"<>
>> We want to have as many entries as possible in our projets page
>> but our impression is that there are many more uses of Lua around
>> that we don't know about.

>What kind of project do you mean ?
>For example, my project isn't really "serious" for the time being, I 
>use Lua because I like it and only in my spare time for personal 
>purpose, my Lua version works only in DOS and Nokia 9110 Communicator, 
>it haven't a documentation yet and I don't know if I'll make it public.

We prefer projects that are already under way and have a web page so that
it can be seen to exist :-)
We need all kinds of projects, to show how and where Lua can be useful.
The main goal of our projects page is to help people decide whether Lua will
be useful for their needs, and also to be a showcase of Lua, of course.