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> Has there ever a lua-shell be done (I know - the standard one), which 
> implements more unix commands, like ps, ls, cp, mv in itself? Possibly I 
> could use such thing as a lib for my CGI stuff or "lend" some routines.
	CGILua offers cp, mkdir, chdir, filetime etc.  Poslib offers some
of these too (check the addons page at Lua site).  And you can create a
bind to the others in C and make a dynamic library to be loaded by the

> For CGILua it seems, that the lib is not delivered as sourcecode. This, 
> and that it is open source would be a requirement for me. I code on HP-UX 
> and the lib is not availible for this OS.
	The source code will be available very soon.  There are many
things changing internally (that will not affect the users) and I think
the new version will be released with Lua 4.0.