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I think of doing some CGI stuff in lua. I had a look at Lua-CGI, CGI-LUA 
and the HTML related packages. 

My problem:
I have to execute some unix commands (make cycles for tuxedo transaction 
monitor and simple unix commands) from within lua. Normally in a shell the 
output of one command is read in a memory region by shell piping, and the 
next command in a pipe gets these memory an has to parse it by itself. I 
have to use some commands and so I also get just their textual output.

My idea: 
I would like to read in this text into a table, so that a second command 
can handle it table-like. Well, it certainly depends on the output and I 
will have to write such things by myself. But I could imagine, that 
somebody other could have done such things also, or has some tips for me. 

Has there ever a lua-shell be done (I know - the standard one), which 
implements more unix commands, like ps, ls, cp, mv in itself? Possibly I 
could use such thing as a lib for my CGI stuff or "lend" some routines.

For CGILua it seems, that the lib is not delivered as sourcecode. This, 
and that it is open source would be a requirement for me. I code on HP-UX 
and the lib is not availible for this OS.