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On Wed, May 10, 2000 at 07:38:36PM -0300, Fred Bertsch wrote:
| How about starting it with "comment = [[" and ending with "]]".  That's
| what I usually do...

That's a good idea, but it doesn't work well in some cases.  At least 
I don't see a way to make it work in a situation I encounter often 
while debugging my renderer.  I use $if, $end to comment out sections 
of large data arrays (vertex and polygon lists to be precise) to try 
to locate regions of the data were a problem is occuring.  For that
purpose "comment = [[...]]" doesn't work because (I believe) there's 
no valid syntax that allows it to be put it in the middle of table
constructor consisting of a list of objects.  So unless there's 
another trick I'm missing I still think a block comment delimiter 
would be helpful.  That is in the absence of $if, $end of course.


Algorithmic Arts Inc., Tokyo, Japan