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I agree with Dave's point.

I mainly use the preprocessor to easily add/remove large blocks of code
(using "$if nil"), which is particularly useful when prototyping / 
experimenting / temporarily removing lines.

It would be a real pain to have to comment out each line individually.

If you could come up with an alternative way of doing this, I wouldn't
otherwise miss the preprocessing abilities...


-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Gordon <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Date: 10 May 2000 23:18
Subject: Re: do you use the pre-processor?

>If you take out $if and $end then the only way to comment out a block
>of code is to prepend "--" to each line.  I'd rather have safe multi-line
>[[...]] strings, and if possible some sort of block comment delimiter.
>(Or would another form of block comment have the same problems?)
>Dave Gordon
>Algorithmic Arts Inc., Tokyo, Japan