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 >> I did, but I couldn't find any mention of Lua. :-(

   Yeh, the official sites are probably marketing only, no tech info.  The
"hacker" sites where players are customizing the game, though unofficial,
will probably be the only mention of Lua (and probably most of them don't
know the language's true name! ;-)

   They (bioware and interplay) may not WANT the hackers to know what the
language is.  Just think how much trouble they could get themselves into if
they knew how to dump all globals!  As it is, they're sort of hunting in
the dark for "magic words" - downloading the Lua manual would open up all
sorts of hacking.  A possibility.  But you might try asking at, couldn't hurt!

   For grins, you might check and download
the cheats document for a sample of the Lua code you can be entered into
the in-game console.