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Right now, the LUA I/O functions in iolib are pretty hardwired to FILE*'s.

Is there anybody out there who is doing things in a more "abstract" way?
(i.e.: string buffers, function-calls for GUI based I/O), or  are people
just rolling their own I/O routines for their particular application?

My application (and I keep meaning to send this to the tecgraf guys ;-)
is an edutainment game based on the 1984 apple II game "Robot Oddysey".
it's called "DigiBot", and there's a putative page up for it 

I haven't updated the site in a dog's age (I'm busy being director of
development for a start up ;-), and it doesn't mention LUA at 
all (*YET*), but it will be there ;-)

Currently, I'm integrating LUA with a Win32 GUI toolkit called "Chilkat SDK"
( and it's coming along pretty well.  

The reason that I'd like the abstracted I/O facilities is that I'm 
writing a "quake style console" widget to help with debugging (I suppose 
I could override _ERRORMESSAGE, right?)

Mike Cuddy (, MC312), Programmer, Daddy, Human.
Fen's Ende Software, Redwood City, CA, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way.
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