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He Brian, I've also seen you on the tuna list. I've also worked on a Lua development
environment(for NeXTstep). We should get together sometime when your in SF.


"Brian J. Swetland" <> wrote:
> [Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>]
> > 
> > but none of these are "official".
> > 
> > I'm trying to get as many entries in our projets page
> >
> > but our impression is that there are many more uses of Lua around that
> > we don't know about.
> > Please, send your entries! Use the form at
> >
> > 
> > (I doubt that this plea will make any real difference, because I doubt that
> > most Lua users are actually in this list, but I'm desperate :-)
> > Anyway, it will be much easier to support Lua if we can show our sponsors that
> > Lua is widely used. So we need all the info we can get.)
> I'm working on an interactive development environment of sorts using Lua
> on the BeOS.  Right now I'm mostly focusing on providing a prototyping
> tool to some of the UI designers at Be -- they currently use Director and
> Lingo to mock up new UI concepts, but are interested in a solution that
> runs under BeOS.  If things keep going as smoothly as they have so far,
> it's possible this will turn into a general purpose development environment
> of some sort.  No web page with an overview and sources yet, but give me
> a week or so.
> Brian
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>      |  tiny leetle bug!"
>                                         |                         --Joel Jones