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From:           	"Ashley Fryer" <>
Subject:        	RE: Using console I/O under windows

> Cool idea, I'm sure it will come in handy.
> There is one minor bug in the code as shown:
> IE you really wanted to use the global "Console" variable, not create
> another local variable.
Yup. Actually the code I'm using isn't exactly like that, I'm using C++ and the 
HANDLE variable is defined inside the class... When I copied the text I put the 
definition inside the first function, then I saw it had to be defined outside, 
so I wrote it as a global variable, but forgot to edit the thing.

Well, as people say, to herr is uman. :)
> As for repositioning the window, you can do a FindWindow on the caption "Lua
> Console" and then a SetWindowPos on the HWND you get back.  Not the most
> elegant solution, but I doubt there's a better one.
I think this will do it, I'll do some experimentation later and will report the 
results here.

> Regards,
> ashley

Kenneth Rochel de Camargo, Jr. MD PhD
Associate Professor - Social Medicine Institute
Rio de Janeiro State U. - Brazil