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Is there any documentation explaining in more detail the
new functionality and how to use them ?
Also, I would appreciate it if details were provided about what
needed to get changed to fix the 2 bugs mentioned.
I have made substantial changes to the source and would
save myself a lot of time if I knew how to incorporate these


Waldemar Celes wrote:
> --
> New version of tolua and tklua are now available.
> The new tolua version (3.2) introduces the following features:
>  - Support for arrays as variables and struct/class fields;
>  - Support for embedded Lua code;
>  - New utility functions: cast and takeownership;
>  - Option to create the corresponding header file of the binding code;
>  - New "close" package function;
>  - Fixed bug on cloning objects in C++;
>  - Fixed bug on enum and struct parsing.
> The new version of tklua (2.1) does not include any new feature.
> It is being released for compatibility with the new lua and tolua
> versions.
> -- waldemar