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>>   Also, is there any documentation at all for the lauxlib functions?
>>   They look quite useful, but I can't find any documentation and there
>>   aren't comments in lauxlib.c describing what they do.
> Those functions are not part of the official API. On the other hand, it is
> quite safe to use them, because they use only the official API, and
> therefore you can always copy them directly into your code if they become
> unavailable in later versions.
> The absence of external documentation tries to reflect this idea. You
> should only use those functions if you know where they are and how to
> get them if you need.

Sometime ago I wrote some *unofficial* reference for lauxlib.
An unfinished version is available via FTP or HTTP at the the locations
listed below. Please note this has been written for Lua 3.1 and may be
incorrect and/or incomplete. I'll check it for 3.2 if anyone is interested.
If you have any suggestion or comment, I'll be pleased to make fixes or

-- Claudio

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