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 > > >  We are developing an application for Palm Pilot and We discovered many
 > > > straight memory limitations of the PalmOS that makes almost impossible t
 > > > port Lua to it.
 > >
 > >I'd like to hear much more about this problem.  Can you elaborate?
 >    It has only 96kb for the dynamic alocation, independent of the total
 > memory available. It has less depending on the operation system version.
 > Check the table below:
 > OS Verision                      3.0               2.0           2.0/1.0
 > Total Memory                   >1M             1M            512M
 > Dynamic Mem.                 96Kb            64Kb         32Kb
 > Usually Free Dyn. Mem.    <36Kb         <12Kb        <12Kb
 > (with TCP-IP)

Why does Lua require so much dynamic memory?  Couldn't it store values
in a Palm database?