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At 11:46 24/06/99 -0300, you wrote:
> >  We are developing an application for Palm Pilot and We discovered many
> > straight memory limitations of the PalmOS that makes almost impossible to
> > port Lua to it.
>I'd like to hear much more about this problem.  Can you elaborate?

   It has only 96kb for the dynamic alocation, independent of the total
memory available. It has less depending on the operation system version.
Check the table below:

OS Verision                      3.0               2.0           2.0/1.0
Total Memory                   >1M             1M            512M
Dynamic Mem.                 96Kb            64Kb         32Kb
Usually Free Dyn. Mem.    <36Kb         <12Kb        <12Kb
(with TCP-IP)