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-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Erik Hougaard <>
A: Multiple recipients of list <>
Data: mercoledì 3 febbraio 1999 11.21
Oggetto: Re: About Ldb

>Tomas Guisasola Gorham wrote:
>>         Great!  I was thinking...  Why don't you become the responsible
>> for the debugger?  I'm not using it anymore...  I'm planning a debugger
>> made in Lua to work with CGILua, which is the system I use at work!  What
>> do you think?
>Well I think the big question here is if there is any bodywho is
>interessed in a debugger for Lua - and in what shape?
>Quick Poll: (please answer everybody!)
>1. Are you using ldb (And how)?:

I have tried ldb but I can't use it because license is free only for
non-commercial use.

>2. Are you interessed in a debugger for Lua ?:

Yes, I have planned to build an embeddable editor/debugger. This can be very
usefull because all the script development can be done inside the

>3. What functionality whould you want from a Lua Debugger ?:

Source debugging, full control over global variables (a permanent whatch
list?), immediate execution line, simple text editor with load and save
(under Windows the RTF control is good enough), backtracking ;-), complete
state enabled (including load and save states from memory and/or disk). I
think this will suffice......  :- o


Maybe I can help you in some manner, because this is a project I've planned
to do at work, but not soon (two weeks delay, I think).

Olaf Razzoli
GMM Entertainment