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>From Wed Feb  3 08:25:46 1999
>Well I think the big question here is if there is any bodywho is
>interessed in a debugger for Lua - and in what shape?
>Quick Poll: (please answer everybody!)
>1. Are you using ldb (And how)?:
>2. Are you interessed in a debugger for Lua ?:
>3. What functionality whould you want from a Lua Debugger ?:

I think this is a very useful poll.

I for one think that a debugger is good, but several debuggers are better :-)
That's why we have the debugging interface ldebug.h -- users can write their
onw debuggers.

So, one related question is:

4. Do you think the debugging interface ldebug.h is useful as it is?

Another point is that Lua 3.2 will debugging functions exported to Lua,
in a new library ldblib.c.
So, it will be possible to write debuggers in Lua, not in C.

Finally, Antonio Scuri ( has written a simple
visual debugger that he'll be willing to share. I think it's almost done.