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> Design issue: ldb is designed with only one state in mind, if you are
> running multible states (like multitasking) ldb starts acting strange
> (Like a breakpoint jumping to a different state !! My solution was to
> add the debug information into the state structure.
	We knew that since the beginning of the project.  But we hadn't
time to spend and decided to wait until someone ask for.  I think there
are other people doing something like that.

> The bugs are related to setting breakpoints. (Like a break(20) to break
> at line 20). The code for setting the loc->file on a linenumber basis
> (Within the get_location) does not update curr_loc.file at all. My
> solution was to do a:
>  f = lua_stackedfunction(1);
>  lua_funcinfo(f,&curr_loc.file,&curr_loc.line);
> before assigning loc->file
	This was my last update (october, 1998).  Did you checked it?
I didn't tested it very much...  And it seemed to me that no one was
really using the tool.

	Please, send me all bugs you find, ok?