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I am a recent convert to Lua, starting with Lua 5.1.

Past language experiences include lots of Perl, and more C than I care to remember (for some reason, C++ has always stayed just outside my usual scope).

I am generally coding for an embedded system, but often need to build supporting utilities, debug tools, and occasional user interfaces in Windows. Given a recent experience building a complete device test jig in about 800 lines each of Lua and C, I expect that Lua (combined with IUP and local libraries) will remain in my toolbox for a long time to come.

Since my preferred text editor for programming is [Epsilon] I needed to build a minimal implementation of a usable Lua mode. In hopes that a second Epsilon user also wants to code in Lua, I've made it available [here]. Let me know if its useful...

Lately I've been working on a Lua framework for writing [Windows services], and a complete wrapper for the Windows Serial API. I've also done some testing and written a sample for [LuaLanes].

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