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Plua 2.0 is a very nice Lua 5 port for Palm. Not open source but free.

It is a great onboard environment for development just on the Palm. You can use it either in a simple REP (Read - Evaluate - Print) loop style or compile and run apps with a user interface. It uses a runtime file on the device as support.

Source is stored in memos or doc documents.

It includes simple Palm extensions to allow you to do most useful things:

Home page, with older Plua 1.1 version

Active Yahoo Group at including some sample files and latest beta (essential for Tungsten and other later Palms).

I started these Plua wiki pages because I am accustomed to using a Wiki and wanted to make it easier to capture some of the better discussions rather than searching the mailing list archives.

--AndyDent 2004-04-23

DEFINITELY join the Yahoo group if you have any interest in Plua -- the site doesn't appear to be getting regular maintenance, and some of the links have died.

Plua v1.1 has TCP networking support, sort of -- it works well enough for batch-style purposes (HTTP, for example) but seems to have problems which get in the way of real full-duplex interactivity. Still, it's a million times better than nothing.

-- Aaron 2005-12-20

Plua 2.0 is very advanced now but only available from the Yahoo group :

-- SD 2006-10-20

Another free software for Palm find at

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