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Hello. My name is Patrick Rapin, and I have been working for Olivetti Engineering in Switzerland, in the ink jet industries.

I discovered Lua programming language only recently, when release 5.1 was just coming. I have been using Lua extensively since then, introducing it into our printer firmware and printer driver. My main development using the language is an application called LuaDura, which permits to run nearly every type of feature testing on current Olivetti printers.

During writing of LuaDura I reported 2 small bugs in Lua 5.1.1, that may be patched on a next release. I have also written two articles in the book Lua Programming Gems:

Along with three other authors, I wrote a book in French about Lua programming named Le guide Lua et ses applications by [D-Booker] editions.

I have written the following articles in this Wiki:

On my [GitHub] account you can find some other Lua related project.

If you want to send me e-mail, please execute the following decrypting script in Lua 5.1 or 5.2:

print(('oc mia.l@kmgrtci.naparip'):gsub('(..)(..)','%2%1'):reverse())

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