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This page contains a directory of Lua addons, defined simply as things for Lua users. Additions and corrections are welcome. Within each section, please maintain alphabetical order by package name if one exists. If you are adding something, consider announcing it in the [lua-l mailing list] as well. Please add the Lua version with which it is compatible, to help with archiving later.

For items that either don't work with the current release (5.x) or development versions of Lua, or that have long-term broken links, see LuaAddonsArchive. If you notice something in the list below that falls into this category, please move it.

What should not be listed here: official Lua packages and documentation (see, things using Lua but not of general use to users of Lua (see LuaUses), Lua web sites (see LuaLinks), or this wiki's content (see LuaDirectory).

Please don't mark an entry with an open-ended version (e.g. "5.x"), as it will likely be incorrect the moment a new Lua version is released.

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