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I've been doing some work on XML processing in Lua lately.

The following components are part of LazyKit:

XmlTree LxpTree LazyTree ConsumingXml XmlIter XmlView

Since it has some fans, here's a page on my old LuaLint, which continues to save me time.

So should I not bother to mass-revert pages? If you're gonna catch it fast, there's no point for me to sit around bored in telephone conferences and idly click through the stuff. It sure would be nice to have a big fat "revert" button; I'm not bored enough yet to write one.

Hi Jay, when there's a lot of damage, and not a lot of good edits intertwined, I revert the whole database. I'll consider an admin-only revert feature. Any community regular is welcome to become a wiki admin. --JohnBelmonte

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