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More information coming soon.

This is the quick'n'dirty wiki page for [James Hearn].

In my spare time my friends and I at [Logic Hole] work on Catalyst, a game which uses heavy Lua scripting inside of the [Nebula Device] to do nifty things.

[NebLUA] is the code needed to use Lua and Nebula together. I'm currently working on a new version that implements some nifty ideas I've seen on the mailing list and the wiki, and I'm working on moving it to Lua 4.1 .

I also stay up nights contemplating the ZenOfLua. I haven't reached enlightenment yet, though I think I'm approaching it.

Reading SampleCode and books such as [The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs] is helping me. So are the many mailing list discussions, especially the heated ones...

--James Hearn

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