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The following code describes a small thumbnail resizer for jpeg/png/gif using lua-gd, usable for web galleries or similar applications - it can be used as command line program or library:

#!/usr/bin/env lua
-- gd thumbnail
-- Create a jpg thumbnail from gif/jpg/png image
-- (C) 2007 by Alex Kloss []
-- licensed under the terms of the LGPL2:

-- uses lua-gd:

-- thumbnail(imagein,imageout,maxsize) imageout and maxsize are optional
-- returns the output image name on success, nil on failure
function thumbnail(imagein,imageout,maxsize)
	-- sanitizing input options
	local maxsize = maxsize or 40
	local imageout = imageout or "t"..imagein
	-- loading input image
	local im = (imagein:match('%.jpe?g$') and gd.createFromJpeg(imagein) or
		imagein:match('%.png$') and gd.createFromPng(imagein) or
		imagein:match('%.gif$') and gd.createFromGif(imagein))
	-- getting the size right
	local x,y = im:sizeXY()
	local tx = y > x and x/y*maxsize or maxsize
	local ty = x > y and y/x*maxsize or maxsize
	-- creating the thumbnail
	local tn = gd.createTrueColor(tx,ty)
	if tn:jpeg(imageout,75) then return imageout
	else return nil end

-- command line if not called as library
if (arg ~= nil) then
	for n,i in ipairs(arg) do
		print(thumbnail(i) or "thumbnail creation failed")
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