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Email: drj@pobox.com

I used Lua 3.2 and Lua 4.0 extensively in a video game project for a non-PC platform. Due to commercial considerations I can say very little about the project. Lua was used for configuration, for persistent representations of game objects, for some game logic, tool creation, and run-time debugging/inspection/modification of the game.

I have several years experience in writing Lua, embedding Lua into existing applications, and generally interfacing C-like things to Lua-like things.

I am a professional software consultant and will hack Lua for money. I have extensive knowledge of lua 4.0 and C and a little knowledge of 5.0 and 5.1.

I am a memory management expert (as in garbage collection). I cowrote a memory management framework called the Memory Pool System which is downloadable from http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/mps/ and is available under commercial licensing terms (as well as a more open license).

I have extensive knowledge of Unix (I use OS X and FreeBSD currently, and have used all sorts in the past), including Unix programming in C, shell, awk. I like to focus on C, shell, and awk because they are guaranteed to be available on any POSIX system (well, shell and awk are, and C is an option), and nothing else is.

I like to dabble in languages and have used ML, Lisp, python, Modula-3, scheme, BASIC, perl, Icon, BCPL, Dylan, Logo and quite possibly lots of others. I program a bit in assembler and still like to at least read the Programmer's Reference Manual for the hardware I am using. I have programmed assembler for Intel IA32 (aka x86), SPARC, DEC Alpha, MIPS R4000, PowerPC, Motorola 68K, Zilog Z80, PIC18F, Rockwell 6502, and perhaps a few others. I'm comfortable reading code at the instruction level, in order to discover compiler bugs or bugs in somebody else's compiled code for example.

I like to rock climb, play video games, listen to music, watch films, read books, eat food, drink real ale, wine, and single malts.

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