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Firstly, I'm on Debian 11, and am planning to build LuaJIT from source, just like I did for lua5.4. 
If you could guide me through linking into $PATH and all that would be awesome.

Also, yes I'm planning on using LuaRocks for stuff like moonscript and Lapis, does thay complicate things?

Thanks a lot for the response BTW 

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날짜 : 22.05.29 02:01 GMT +0800
제목 : Re: Good Project Ideas With Lua

On Sat, 28 May 2022 at 16:40, mystery_ace <> wrote:
Also, is there any safe way to install Lua 5.4 and luajit side by side on the same machine (w/o running into Path or ENV issues)? I've always wanted to try luajit & lapis, but I'm too afraid to install it and my machine is kinda lowspec so it can't run docker containers or VMs. 

Which OS / package manager ( if any ), or how will you plan to install it? ( "Path"/"ENV" spelling suggest suggest windows, but not sure ). I mean because it depends on that. My debian lists lua 5.2/3/4 and luajit (5.1, luajit 2) w/o conflicts among them ( not the latest version, but for a newcomer I would recommend that in it ).

FWIW, as I only use lua embeded in my projects I routine compile it, link it into my favorite $PATH directory and it works fine ( I do use command line lua to run tests in the modules which can work outside the host or use some dummies ), but luarocks and cousins may be a little more difficult if you plan in using them.

Francisco Olarte.