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Flyer31 Test <> 于2022年5月20日周五 15:11写道:
> So you mean, this would work already for current Lua 5.4? Without
> change of Lua source code?

No. But I think it's easy to patch lua source to support it.

> Sorry for too many questions... I do not really understand how you
> would use "fixed userdata" to instruct Lua to "overlay customized
> operators" (this is what metatables essentially do, as I see it. BTW

We can use userdata version metatable for some typical cases, and
support table version metatable simultaneously.

For example, If we need __index and __newindex metamethod only , we
can convert the table (with __index/__newindex keys)
into a fixed structure userdata (by the library), and use it as the
metatable. Trigger these two metamethods would be faster than the
original metatable.