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Hi all again,

I believe the library[0] is now close to ready for general use, and I'm glad to announce it here as some sort of "pre-release alpha" stage!

That's a good approach, and one I follow as much as possible.


Thanks for the input! I'll go with it then! :)

RE this: I used a hack because I couldn't find a better way that wouldn't unnecessarily complicate the internals. The default JSON & plain text readers are "module parameters" instead of "instance parameters". This is probably not clear, but you should be able to understand what I mean if you see the "Usage" section of the README. (comments and suggestions welcome)

As I mentioned on my first email, I tried taking advantage of the Scheme library I already have, and I think it came out quite nicely! :D All endpoints are defined exactly as defined in the Scheme library, by automatically converting each Scheme definition to Lua (with an ad-hoc macro redefinition).

Still missing are the convenience writer procedures (filesystem walkers).

And a nicety missing too: defining the procedures in a hierarchy (`bootstrap`, `bootstrap.add`, `bootstrap.add.default`, &c). I managed to use `__call` in a simple example, but I couldn't make that work nicely together with "normal" instance methods. Have to learn more about Lua to do this properly, or to realize that it's not doable. But anyway it's not a priority, so it may end up not coming true.