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On 2021-11-28 02:22, Sean Conner wrote:

  I just noticed something---you have

	local path, cpath in package

That's not legal Lua syntax that I'm aware of.  Are you using a custom
version of Lua?

Yes, RiscLua. I adopted Peter Shook's "Unpack Tables by Name" idea, back in 2005, but restricted only to local variables. I find it very handy.

Which version?

Well RiscLua has been going since 2002, and I usually make catch-up versions to track standard Lua. But the version-numbering system has gone a bit addled, and I am now adopting a new system that starts with the Lua version followed by a reference to the FP hardware (VFP or FPA) followed by a code to cope with anything else. So what I am testing, but have not yet brought out, is 544VFP-A.

You have to realize that until a few years ago RISC OS was limited to platforms having no FP hardware, and had no standard means of dynamic loading. Recently, however, things have improved to the point that the RISC OS aspect could be packed into a C-module, and RiscLua could cleave more closely to standard Lua.

Roberto's suggestion to remove the call to dlclose() in loadlib.c seems to have solved all my problems so far. Fingers crossed.