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I'm having a problem with a variable after updating an old app from Lua 5.0/IUP 2.4 to Lua 5.1/IUP 3.30.

In the old version, the variable behaves the way I want, but in the updated version, it decrements by 1 and I can't figure out why.

I tried checking and

for ideas about what might've changed, but couldn't find anything. I'm guessing it's probably a Lua issue, unless there's some

change to iup.list that could be affecting this.


I managed to create a stand-alone script that demonstrates the problem, but it's long because I'm fixing up an old app made

by someone more experienced than I, so there's a lot of complicated-looking nested arrays that made it difficult to come up

with something simpler.


How to trigger the problem: Run the script and for Offensive Power Type, select #3 ("Ranged"). Then, change Character Class to "Mage".

Some message boxes with info about the variables will pop up during an update function.


What I want to happen is despite the change in Class updating the Power Types available in box #2, the box #2 selection should remain

on item #3, although the item's text will change. That's how it works when I test it with Lua 5.0 and IUP 2.4.


What happens since the update is during the update function, when 'i' gets to iteration #3, the Power Types listbox value decrements to 2 and

shows "Cast Spell", while the "Available Powers" list is populated by the powers associated with the correct value, #3 ("Summon").


If you select Power Type #2 and then change Class, the same decrementing variable problem occurs, but happens at iteration #2, which

is also when one of the strings I'm watching via iup.Message updates to a new value.

I wrote some comments in the script with more details.


Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Lua script:





local profile = "">

profile.__index = profile

local t = {}

t.className = "Warrior" --name of character class initially displayed in listbox #1

t.classNum = 1 --# corresponding to character class initially displayed in listbox #1

t.offensePowerType = 1 --# corresponding to the offensive power category initially displayed in listbox #2

setmetatable(t,profile) --in actual app, a Profile saves settings that can be loaded later

local dlg = {}

local powersBox = iup.list{size = "80x100"} --displays available powers based on choices made from listboxes


-- POWER TABLES -----------------------------------------------------------


local offensePowTypeTable = {

        --These are displayed in listbox #2 and change depending on what character class is selected in listbox #1.

        --I'm not sure why there's a separate table for this. Maybe to use ipairs instead of pairs?

        --Warrior > Offense >


        --Mage > Offense >

        {"Use Potion","Cast Spell","Summon"}



local powersTable = {

    ["Warrior"] = {

        ["Offense"] = {

            ["Brawl"] = {

                [1] = "Punch",

                [2] = "Kick"


            ["Melee"] = {

                [1] = "Swing Mace",

                [2] = "Swing Sword"


            ["Ranged"] = {

                [1] = "Shoot Bow",

                [2] = "Throw Shuriken"



      --["Defense"] = {} --table shortened for brevity


    ["Mage"] = {

        ["Offense"] = {

            ["Use Potion"] = {

                [1] = "Heal",

                [2] = "Boost Power"


            ["Cast Spell"] = {

                [1] = "Shoot Fireball",

                [2] = "Shoot Lightning Chain"


            ["Summon"] = {

                [1] = "Not the Bees!",

               [2] = "Call Demons"



      --["Defense"] = {}




-- LIST CREATION/CONTROL FUNCTIONS -------------------------------------------------


local function makeListbox(label,list,val,callback) --creates a dropdown list with label and callback

        local ttable = {}

        for i = 1,#list do ttable[i] = list[i] end

        ttable.dropdown = "YES"

        ttable.value = val --what index should be selected(shown) in dropdown


        local tlist = iup.list(ttable)

        tlist.size = "100x"

        tlist.action = "">

        return iup.hbox{iup.label{title = label}, tlist}, tlist --function will return 2 results



local function updateListbox(listbox,newtable,inspect,getVal)

        for i,v in ipairs(newtable) do

                listbox[i] = v --copies the list from newtable to listbox

                if inspect then --my makeshift debug method. I don't know much about debuggers.

               iup.Message("t.offensePowerType #"..t.offensePowerType.." "..getVal[t.offensePowerType],

                "Iteration #"..i..":"..

                "\ntOffListbox["..i.."] == "..v..

                       "\ntOffListbox.value (selected): #"..getVal.value.." "..getVal[getVal.value])


                        -- I want 't.offensePowerType' and 'tOffListbox.value' to match so the selection stays in the same position

                        --regardless of the items in the list changing. When the mesg box shows that 'i' and 'tOffListbox.value' are about to equal

                        --each other, the number of 'tOffListbox.value' decrements by 1. That's also the moment that the value of

                        --'tOffListbox[t.offensePowerType]' swaps to the other character class's equivalent power type.





local function reloadPowListbox(t) --when user selects new class in listbox #1, change the list of power types in listbox #2

        local powersList = {"Run","Jump"} --starts by adding basic abilities all classes have

        for i,v in ipairs(powersTable[t.className]["Offense"][offensePowTypeTable[t.classNum][t.offensePowerType]]) do


                --ex. powersTable > Warrior > Offense >? offensePowTypeTable > array 1: Warrior > index 1: Melee > iterate over warrior's offensive melee powers

        --How is it possible to use ipairs on 2 tables like that? I don't understand the syntax.




        t.powersList = powersList



-- CREATE AND PLACE ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------


local tOff, tOffListbox = makeListbox("Offensive Power Types: ",offensePowTypeTable[t.classNum],t.offensePowerType,


            t.modified = true

            if v == 1 then

                t.offensePowerType = i





    --I don't know why 2 variables are being used. tOff is the label, hbox, listbox. tOffListbox is just the listbox.

    --Can the listbox not be changed if enclosed in the hbox?

    --Do tOffListbox and tOff refer to the same listbox or are there 2 identical copies of a listbox?


local tClassBox = makeListbox("Choose Character Class: ",{"Warrior","Mage"},t.classNum,


                t.modified = true

                if v == 1 then --clicked on an item in list

                       t.className = str --stores the currently selected class name

                       t.classNum = i --is updated to hold current index number



                       updateListbox(powersBox,t.powersList) --update available powers box










local dialog = iup.dialog{title = "a dialog", iup.hbox{

    iup.vbox(dlg), iup.vbox{iup.label{title = "Available Powers:"}, powersBox};

    cgap = "5x5", ncmargin = "10x10"





if (iup.MainLoopLevel()==0) then